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Website Profile: Pet Snails

Keeping Pet Snails & Slugs - Snail & Slug Care, species, health & much more...

Active Community with a forum and extensive information on all aspects of gastropods (snails & slugs) care, taxonomy, identification & variants/subspecies, food & feeding, calcium, substrate, breeding, environment & geographic distribution, health & treatment of illnesses for Giant Agate Snails and smaller species alike.

Species covered

Achatina achatina
Achatina albopicta
Achatina craveni
Achatina fulica
Achatina glutinosa
Achatina immaculata
Achatina iredalei
Achatina nyikaensis
Achatina reticulata
Achatina smithii
Achatina stuhlmanni
Achatina varicosa
Achatina zanzibarica
Achatina zebra
Archachatina bicarinata
Archachatina camerunensis
Archachatina cinnamomea
Archachatina crawfordi
Archachatina degneri
Archachatina dimidiata
Archachatina granulata
Archachatina knorrii
Archachatina limitanea
Archachatina marginata
Archachatina ustulata
Archachatina ventricosa
Cepaea hortensis
Cepaea nemoralis
Helicella itala
Helix aspersa
Helix lucorum
Helix pomatia
Megalobulimus oblongus
Veronicella sloanei
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