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Browse or search our directory to find individuals and businesses who are selling ANY species you're looking for. Use the search boxes on the side panel to the left.

You can sign up to be alerted by email when new sellers of a particular species list themselves - just use the browse links or the search boxes to the left to find the species, then click "I wish to buy" or enter a list by using the button below.

New! You can be alerted when any species within a particular genus is listed.


  • Completely FREE
  • Categorise by live or dried plants, flowers, herbs, livestock or fossils
  • Quickly and easily list the species you sell inc. subspecies and cultivars
  • An entry on each species page you list for
  • Existing buyers will be informed of your listings
  • Have your own profile page
  • Manage your own "species wanted" list

Latest News

24/03/2023 - A new seller has listed on the Archachatina marginata page.
22/03/2023 - A new buyer has listed on the Anolis aquaticus page.
21/03/2023 - A new buyer has listed on the Megalobulimus oblongus page.

Latest Sellers

Ijiyode Michael Olumuyiwa

from Nigeria

Maria Chapmann

from Cameroon

Shelley Cornnway

from Cameroon


from Hungary

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We can inform you when a seller lists a species you are looking for that isn't currently listed on the site.


You can list any species you sell, not just those currently listed. Also, manage your own wanted list.

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You can list any species you cover, not just those currently listed. Also, manage your own wanted list.

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