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Seller Profile: Shannon

Contact Details

Email Address:

Country: Canada


I sell slugs and snails, mainly Pacific Northwest natives, and European invasive species. If you are interested in a particular gastropod from this area, please ask if it's available - speciestrader does not list all species.

I am willing to trade for any gastropods I don't currently have.

Please ask to see my photos!

Available species for sale

Ancotrema hybridum   (Livestock)
Ancotrema sportella   (Livestock)
Ariolimax columbianus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Arion fuscus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Arion rufus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Arion subfuscus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Cepaea nemoralis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Deroceras reticulatum   (Livestock)
Haplotrema vancouverense   (Livestock)
Lehmannia valentiana   (Livestock)
Limax maximus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Monadenia fidelis   (Livestock)
Prophysaon vanattae   (Livestock)
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