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Seller Profile: RareMaster

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Country: United Kingdom

FREEMAN ON THE LAND, Hunter/Gatherer

Email me for large wild Roman Snails (Helix pomatia) £0.29 per specimen min order = 100... I can purge them for you, by feeding them carrot or oats should you wish.

I can also supply Rare tree Snail specimens such as (H. nemoralis) and it's brightly coloured shell it's very edible with green lush stripes compared to the yellows stripes of Cepaea nemoralis this rarity is worth paying extra for as it's only found in the trees £1.50 each.

(NOW taking (Bitcoin) payments
(Special offer you get 1000 (Helix pomatia) Roman snails for only 1 BTC! if paying via Bitcoin shipping is also included)

International shipping/packaging = £30, and can cover you for up to 1000 Snails per shipping.

(Now selling (Cepaea nemoralis) the second largest European edible Snail... with it's brightly coloured shell yellow and black stripes, it will be a delight on any dining plate, in comparison to the slightly larger Roman snails so loved by the French.

Min order of (Cepaea nemoralis) is 250 snails at a time, = £100 + £30 shipping, rarely farmed supply doesn't = demand, so this is one other gastropod restaurants will find you hard to beat on, a dull shell on the plate or a brightly coloured one? you decide... for me I love both)


Available species for sale

Acanthoxyla geisovii Cultivars   (Livestock)
Acanthoxyla inermis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Acer acuminatum Cultivars   (Plants/Seeds)
Acer nigrum Cultivars   (Plants/Seeds)
Allium hookeri   (Plants/Seeds)
Allium triquetrum   (Plants/Seeds)
Anax imperator Cultivars   (Livestock)
Aricia artaxerxes Cultivars   (Livestock)
Arion circumscriptus   (Livestock)
Arion lusitanicus   (Livestock)
Brachytron pratense Cultivars   (Livestock)
Cacatua galerita Cultivars   (Livestock)
Cepaea nemoralis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Clitarchus hookeri Cultivars   (Livestock)
Formica rufa Cultivars   (Livestock)
Hamearis lucina Cultivars   (Livestock)
Helix apsersa   (Livestock)
Helix aspersa   (Livestock)
Helix lucorum   (Livestock)
Helix pomatia Cultivars   (Livestock)
Lasius flavus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Lasius niger Cultivars   (Livestock)
Limax maximus   (Livestock)
Lucanus cervus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Macropus rufogriseus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Malus sieversii Cultivars   (Plants/Seeds)
Myrmica rubra Cultivars   (Livestock)
Polyommatus florience Cultivars   (Livestock)
Trichorhina tomentosa Cultivars   (Livestock)
Tuber aestivum Cultivars   (Plants/Seeds)
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