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Seller Profile: lawrence Tek

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Country: Cameroon

i am a breder of land snails thus the varius species of achtina achatina,achatina immaculata,achatina margina .achatina fulica and others from cameroon.Aside that i also collect seas shells ,tortoise shells ,land snilas shells .
i do also sell garden snails at affordable prices especially for people who are willing to buy much.
i can also make the snails ready to eat thus in the form of meat since that is the principal way we use them here down.Thus thye are cleaned and salted ,dried carefully and ready to be exported.I can make good quantities of the achatina snails available for foreign markets.
so if they are any dealers ,buyers ,restaurants ,companies or individuals who are looking for snails live or already prepared ready to be usedi can do so.Or any others looking for shells of snails or tortoise
thnaks and hope to read from any time

Available species for sale

Achatina achatina   (Livestock)
Achatina fulica   (Livestock)
Achatina immaculata   (Livestock)
Achatina reticulata   (Livestock)
Archachatina marginata   (Livestock)
Juniperus rigida   (Plants/Seeds)
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