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Seller Profile: Frank's Aquarium

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Country: USA

I started Frank's Aquarium simply because I was tired with the state of the aquarium hobby in the United States. Simply's BORING! As a hobbyist, I'm tired of the same old same old I see in every shop and wholesale establishment I visit. It's just so difficult to get wholesalers and retailers to carry new items (except for those hideous parrot cichlids, painted glassfish, and a host of other man-made monstrosities). So say goodbye to anything new and unusual (in terms of real species). And New York used to be THE place to go if you wanted to see new and exciting creatures! It's a real shame what has been done to the hobby, not only here, but in other areas of the USA.
While I am a firm believer that a hobbyist should support their local fish store (providing it's a good shop worthy of the support), more often than not the local LFS doesn't carry the selection of animals that keep the hobbyist interested. As one retailer and one wholesaler put it: "I carry only fish that people buy, not anything I have to sell." It is this short-sighted attitude that has really hurt the hobby.
Hence my starting Frank's Aquarium.

Available species for sale

Apocryptes bato Cultivars   (Livestock)
Beaufortia levertti Cultivars   (Livestock)
Boraras brigittae Cultivars   (Livestock)
Boraras maculatus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Caridina babaulti Cultivars   (Livestock)
Caridina blue Cultivars   (Livestock)
Caridina gracilirostris Cultivars   (Livestock)
Caridina red Cultivars   (Livestock)
Caridina serratirostris Cultivars   (Livestock)
Cobitis sinensis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Colisa lalia Cultivars   (Livestock)
Corydoras ambiacus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Corydoras axelrodi Cultivars   (Livestock)
Danio choprae Cultivars   (Livestock)
Danio kyathit Cultivars   (Livestock)
Danio margaritatus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Formosania lacustre Cultivars   (Livestock)
Giuris margaritacea Cultivars   (Livestock)
Horadandia atukorali Cultivars   (Livestock)
Hyphessobrycon stegmanni Cultivars   (Livestock)
Hypseleotris compressa Cultivars   (Livestock)
Hypseleotris cyprinoides Cultivars   (Livestock)
Indostomus crocodilus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Indostomus paradoxus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Limnopilos naiyanetri Cultivars   (Livestock)
Microdevario nanus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Microphis leiaspis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Microphysogobio alticorpus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Mugilogobius rambaiae Cultivars   (Livestock)
Neocaridina heteropoda Cultivars   (Livestock)
Oryzias dancena Cultivars   (Livestock)
Oryzias woworae Cultivars   (Livestock)
Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Pangio doriae Cultivars   (Livestock)
Paracheilognathus himantegus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Periopthalmus novemradiatus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Puntius manipurensis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Rasbora rubrodorsalis Cultivars   (Livestock)
Rhinogobius candidianus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Rhinogobius formosanus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Rhinogobius giurinus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Rhinogobius maculafasciatus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Rhinogobius rubromaculatus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Stiphodon percnopterygionus Cultivars   (Livestock)
Tanichthys micagemma Cultivars   (Livestock)
Zenarchopterus dunckeri Cultivars   (Livestock)
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