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Seller Profile: Collective Snails

Contact Details


Country: United Kingdom

UK based breeder of land snails, large & small species available. Can ship snails safely in mild winter weather with extra packaging & heatpacks.

Various species available, not all of them are shown on my profile as this infuriating website will not confirm the existence of some of my smaller species: Oospira Umbratica, Leptaxis Undata, Neohelix Albolabris, Anguispira Alternata etc.

Available species for sale

Arianta arbustorum   (Livestock)
Caracolus sagemon   (Livestock)
Cepaea nemoralis   (Livestock)
Helix pomatia   (Livestock)
Leptaxis undata   (Livestock)
Limicolaria flammea   (Livestock)
Limicolaria numidica   (Livestock)
Neohelix albolabris   (Livestock)
Oospira umbratica   (Livestock)
Paropeas achatinaceum   (Livestock)
Pleurodonte isabella   (Livestock)
Pleurodonte marginella Cultivars   (Livestock)
Pleurodonte sp.   (Livestock)
Rumina decollata   (Livestock)
Tanychlamys amboinensis   (Livestock)
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