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Acanthops falcata  (3 buyers)
Acanthops tuberculata  (3 buyers)
Acromantis formosana  (1 buyer)
Acromantis gestri  (1 buyer)
Acromantis indica  (2 buyers)
Acromantis japonica  (1 seller, 4 buyers)
Acromantis nawai  (1 buyer)
Acromantis satsumensis  (1 buyer)
Ameles decolor  (3 buyers)
Ameles spallanzani  (1 buyer)
Ameles taurica  (1 buyer)
Asiadodis squilla  (1 buyer)
Asiadodis yunnanensis  (1 buyer)
Blepharopsis mendica  (4 buyers)
Brunneria borealis  (7 buyers)
Camelomantis sondaica  (1 buyer)
Ceratomantis saussurii  (1 buyer)
Ceratomantis yunnanensis
Choeradodis rhombicollis  (2 sellers, 12 buyers)
Choeradodis stalii  (1 seller, 15 buyers)
Cilnia humeralis  (4 buyers)
Creobroter elongata
Creobroter gemmatus  (1 seller, 1 buyer)
Creobroter meleagris
Creobroter nebulosus  (1 buyer)
Creobroter pictipennis
Deroplatys desiccata  (3 buyers)
Deroplatys dessicata  (1 buyer)
Deroplatys horrificata
Deroplatys lobata
Deroplatys truncata  (2 buyers)
Empusa fasciata  (6 buyers)
Empusa pennata  (3 buyers)
Eremiaphila sp.  (2 buyers)
Eremiaphila zetterstedt  (1 buyer)
Euchomenella heteroptera
Euchomenella indica
Gongylus gongylodes  (3 sellers, 10 buyers)
Heterochaeta orientalis  (1 buyer)
Heterochaeta strachani  (2 buyers)
Hierodula grandis  (3 buyers)
Hierodula membranacea  (2 sellers, 9 buyers)
Hierodula multispina  (1 buyer)
Hierodula parviceps
Hierodula patellifera  (2 buyers)
Hierodula venosa  (1 seller)
Hoplocorypha bottegi
Hoplocorypha macra
Hoplocorypha nigra
Hoplocorypha perplexa
Hoplocorypha salfii  (2 buyers)
Humbertiella ceylonica  (1 buyer)
Hymenopus coronatus  (3 sellers, 27 buyers)
Idolomantis diabolica  (4 sellers, 50 buyers)
Idolomorpha madagascariensis
Litaneutria borealis  (1 buyer)
Litaneutria minor  (2 buyers)
Macromantis hyalina  (1 buyer)
Mantis mantodea  (1 buyer)
Mantis ooths  (1 seller)
Mantis religiosa  (3 sellers, 5 buyers)
Mantis religiosia  (1 buyer)
Metallitycus splendidus  (1 seller, 4 buyers)
Miomantis abyssinica
Miomantis paykullii  (1 seller, 6 buyers)
Odontomantis planiceps  (1 buyer)
Orthodera ministrails
Orthodera ministralis  (2 buyers)
Orthodera novaezealandiae
Oxyopsis gracilis
Oxyopsis peruviana  (1 buyer)
Oxyothespis dumonti
Parasphendale affinis  (1 seller, 4 buyers)
Parasphendale agrionina  (1 buyer)
Paratoxodera borneana  (1 buyer)
Paratoxodera meggitti
Phyllocrania paradoxa  (1 seller, 6 buyers)
Phyllothelys werneri  (2 buyers)
Plistospilota guineensis  (2 sellers, 20 buyers)
Polyspilota aeruginosa  (1 buyer)
Popa spurca  (1 seller, 2 buyers)
Pseudempusa pinnapavonis  (3 buyers)
Pseudocreobotra ocellata  (2 buyers)
Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii  (3 sellers, 14 buyers)
Pseudoharpax virescens  (1 seller, 5 buyers)
Pseudovates arizonae  (1 buyer)
Rhombodera basalis  (4 buyers)
Rhombodera extensicollis
Rhombodera fratricida  (1 buyer)
Rhombodera megaera  (3 buyers)
Sibylla pertiosa  (1 buyer)
Sibylla pretiosa  (1 seller, 1 buyer)
Sphodromantis baccettii
Sphodromantis balachowski
Sphodromantis centralis
Sphodromantis lineola  (1 seller, 2 buyers)
Sphodromantis rubrastigmata
Stagmatoptera hyaloptera
Stagmomantis californica  (4 buyers)
Stagmomantis carolina  (1 seller, 6 buyers)
Stagmomantis limbata  (10 buyers)
Statilia maculata  (1 buyer)
Statilia sp.  (1 seller)
Tamolanica tamolana
Tarachodes afzelii
Tarachodula pantherina
Tarachomantis aloatrana  (1 buyer)
Taumantis sigiana
Tenodera aridifolia  (2 buyers)
Tenodera augustipennis  (1 buyer)
Tenodera sinensis  (3 buyers)
Theopropus elegans  (2 buyers)
Tisma freyi  (1 buyer)

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