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Species within genus: Vitis

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Vitis acerifolia
Vitis aestivalis
Vitis amurensis
Vitis argentifolia
Vitis arizonica  (1 seller)
Vitis armata
Vitis astivalis
Vitis baileyana
Vitis belaii
Vitis berlandieri
Vitis bicolor
Vitis californica
Vitis candicans
Vitis cinerea
Vitis coignetiae
Vitis cordifolia
Vitis davidiana
Vitis davidii
Vitis flexuosa
Vitis girdiana
Vitis hederacea
Vitis heyneana
Vitis labrusca
Vitis labruscana
Vitis lanata
Vitis lecontiana
Vitis lincecumii  (1 buyer)
Vitis monticola
Vitis munsoniana
Vitis mustangensis
Vitis odoratissima
Vitis palmata
Vitis parvifolia
Vitis pentaphylla
Vitis quinquefolia
Vitis riparia
Vitis romanetii
Vitis rotundifolia  (1 buyer)
Vitis rubra
Vitis rupestris  (1 buyer)
Vitis saccharifera
Vitis serjaniifolia
Vitis sieboldii
Vitis simpsonii
Vitis thunbergii
Vitis vinifera  (1 seller)
Vitis vulpina

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