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Species within genus: Salix

Suggest Common Names

Salix acutifolia
Salix aegyptiaca
Salix alaxensis
Salix alba  (1 seller)
Salix amygdalina
Salix amygdaloides
Salix appendiculata
Salix arenaria
Salix argophylla
Salix atrocinerea
Salix aurita
Salix babylonica
Salix bakko
Salix bebbiana
Salix brachycarpa
Salix caprea
Salix chaenomeloides
Salix cinerea
Salix commutata
Salix cordata
Salix daphnoides
Salix decipiens
Salix depressa
Salix disperma
Salix eriocephala
Salix exigua
Salix falcata
Salix fluviatilis
Salix fragilis
Salix gilgiana
Salix gooddingii
Salix gracilis
Salix gracilistyla
Salix grandifolia
Salix hastata
Salix helix
Salix hookeriana
Salix interior
Salix japonica
Salix kinuyanagi
Salix koriyanagi
Salix laevigata  (1 buyer)
Salix lambertiana
Salix lanata
Salix lasiandra  (1 buyer)
Salix lasiolepis  (1 buyer)
Salix livida
Salix lucida  (1 seller, 1 buyer)
Salix matsudana  (1 buyer)
Salix medemii  (2 buyers)
Salix melanopsis
Salix miyabeana
Salix nigra  (1 seller, 1 buyer)
Salix nipponica
Salix oleifera
Salix pendula
Salix pentandra
Salix petiolaris
Salix piperi
Salix planifolia
Salix pseudo-matsudana
Salix pulchra
Salix purpurea  (2 sellers, 2 buyers)
Salix repens
Salix rigida
Salix rostrata
Salix schwerinii
Salix scouleriana
Salix sitchensis
Salix subfragilis
Salix sungkianica
Salix taxifolia
Salix triandra
Salix viminalis  (3 buyers)
Salix wallichiana
Salix x

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