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Species within genus: Rosa

Suggest Common Names

Rosa acicularis
Rosa aldersonii
Rosa alpina
Rosa anemoniiflora
Rosa arkansana
Rosa banksiae
Rosa blanda
Rosa bourgeauiana
Rosa breweri
Rosa californica
Rosa canina  (1 seller, 1 buyer)
Rosa carolina  (1 buyer)
Rosa carolinensis
Rosa centifolia
Rosa chinensis
Rosa cinnamomea  (2 buyers)
Rosa coriifolia
Rosa corymbifera
Rosa cymosa
Rosa davurica
Rosa dumalis
Rosa dumetorum
Rosa eglanteria  (1 buyer)
Rosa fedtschenkoana
Rosa ferox
Rosa ferruginea
Rosa foecundissima
Rosa fraxinellaefolia
Rosa fraxinifolia
Rosa gallica
Rosa gigantea
Rosa glauca  (2 buyers)
Rosa glaucescens
Rosa gmelinii
Rosa gymnocarpa
Rosa hemsleyana
Rosa karelica
Rosa laevigata  (1 buyer)
Rosa laxa
Rosa lucida
Rosa macrophylla
Rosa mairei
Rosa majalis
Rosa manca
Rosa maracandica
Rosa micrantha
Rosa microcarpa
Rosa mollis
Rosa mollissima
Rosa moschata
Rosa moyesii
Rosa multiflora  (2 buyers)
Rosa myriantha
Rosa nutkana
Rosa obtusifolia
Rosa odorata
Rosa omiensis
Rosa omissa
Rosa pimpinellifolia
Rosa pisocarpa
Rosa polyphylla
Rosa pomifera
Rosa provincialis
Rosa roxburghii
Rosa rubicunda
Rosa rubiginosa
Rosa rugosa
Rosa sayi
Rosa scotica
Rosa sempervirens
Rosa sericea
Rosa setipoda
Rosa sherardii
Rosa solanderi
Rosa sp.  (1 seller)
Rosa spinosissima
Rosa subblanda
Rosa suffulta
Rosa sweginzowii
Rosa tetrapetala
Rosa tomentella
Rosa tomentosa
Rosa triphylla
Rosa villosa
Rosa virginiana
Rosa wallichii
Rosa webbiana
Rosa wichuraiana
Rosa woodsii
Rosa x

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