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Species within genus: Pyrus

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Pyrus acidula
Pyrus amygdaliformis
Pyrus arbutifolia
Pyrus aria
Pyrus aucuparia
Pyrus auricularis
Pyrus autumnalis
Pyrus baccata
Pyrus balsanae
Pyrus bartramiana
Pyrus betulaefolia
Pyrus bollwylleriana
Pyrus bretschneideri  (1 buyer)
Pyrus calleryana
Pyrus communis
Pyrus commutata
Pyrus cordata
Pyrus coronaria
Pyrus crataegifolia
Pyrus cydonia
Pyrus delavayi
Pyrus dimorphophylla
Pyrus elaeagnifolia
Pyrus faurei
Pyrus fennica
Pyrus firma
Pyrus floribunda
Pyrus germanica
Pyrus glabra  (1 buyer)
Pyrus heterophylla
Pyrus hupehensis
Pyrus indica
Pyrus intermedia
Pyrus ioensis
Pyrus japonica
Pyrus kansuensis
Pyrus kumaoni
Pyrus lanata
Pyrus latifolia
Pyrus macrostipes
Pyrus malus
Pyrus maulei
Pyrus maximowicziana
Pyrus nivalis
Pyrus ovoidea  (1 buyer)
Pyrus parviflora
Pyrus pashia
Pyrus persica
Pyrus phaeocarpa
Pyrus pohuashanensis
Pyrus pollveria
Pyrus prattii
Pyrus prematura
Pyrus prunifolia
Pyrus pulcherrima
Pyrus pyraster
Pyrus pyrifolia
Pyrus regellii
Pyrus rufifolia
Pyrus salicifolia
Pyrus sanguinea
Pyrus serotina
Pyrus serrulata
Pyrus sinensis
Pyrus sohayakiensis
Pyrus sorbus
Pyrus spectabilis
Pyrus syriaca
Pyrus thibetica
Pyrus torminalis
Pyrus trilobata
Pyrus turcomanica
Pyrus ussuriensis
Pyrus variolosa

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