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Species within genus: Berberis

Suggest Common Names

Berberis acuminata
Berberis aggregata
Berberis amurensis
Berberis angulizans
Berberis angulosa
Berberis aquifolium  (1 seller, 1 buyer)
Berberis aristata
Berberis asiatica
Berberis buxifolia
Berberis calliantha
Berberis canadensis
Berberis capillaris
Berberis chengii
Berberis chinensis
Berberis chitria
Berberis concinna
Berberis cooperi
Berberis coriaria
Berberis darwinii  (1 buyer)
Berberis dulcis
Berberis empetrifolia
Berberis erythroclada
Berberis everstiana
Berberis fascicularis
Berberis fendleri
Berberis flexuosa
Berberis fortunei
Berberis gagnepainii
Berberis georgii  (3 buyers)
Berberis geraldii
Berberis glumacea
Berberis gracilipes
Berberis haematocarpa
Berberis heterophylla
Berberis jaeschkeana
Berberis koreana
Berberis ludlowii
Berberis lycium
Berberis nana
Berberis napalensis
Berberis nervosa
Berberis nevinii
Berberis parisepala
Berberis pinnata
Berberis pumila
Berberis rariflora
Berberis repens
Berberis rubrostilla
Berberis ruscifolia
Berberis sherriffii  (1 buyer)
Berberis sibirica
Berberis sieboldii
Berberis sikkimensis
Berberis sinensis
Berberis soulieana
Berberis swaseyi
Berberis thun
Berberis thunbergii
Berberis tomentosa
Berberis trifoliolata
Berberis ulcina
Berberis verruculosa
Berberis vulgaris
Berberis wallichiana
Berberis wilsoniae
Berberis x

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