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Species within genus: Atriplex

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Atriplex arenaria
Atriplex argentea
Atriplex bracteosa
Atriplex californica
Atriplex canescens  (1 seller)
Atriplex carnosa
Atriplex confertifolia
Atriplex coronata
Atriplex deltoidea
Atriplex dimorphostegia
Atriplex elegans
Atriplex expansa
Atriplex gardneri
Atriplex glabriuscula
Atriplex gmelinii
Atriplex halimus
Atriplex hastata
Atriplex hortensis
Atriplex jonesii
Atriplex lapathifolia
Atriplex lentiformis
Atriplex maximowicziana
Atriplex mucronata
Atriplex nummularia
Atriplex nuttallii
Atriplex patula
Atriplex portulacoides
Atriplex powellii
Atriplex saccaria
Atriplex serenana
Atriplex subcordata
Atriplex tatarica
Atriplex truncata

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"Genus": Atriplex

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Genus: Atriplex

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