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Species within genus: Angelica

Suggest Common Names

Angelica acutiloba
Angelica anomala
Angelica archangelica
Angelica atropurpurea
Angelica cartilaginomarginata
Angelica crucifolia
Angelica cryptotaeniifolia
Angelica dahurica
Angelica decursiva
Angelica edulis
Angelica genuflexa
Angelica gigas
Angelica gingidium
Angelica glauca
Angelica jaluana
Angelica japonica
Angelica keiskei
Angelica kiusiana
Angelica koreana
Angelica laxiflora
Angelica lucida  (1 buyer)
Angelica megaphylla
Angelica montana
Angelica polymorpha
Angelica pubescens
Angelica refracta
Angelica sinensis
Angelica sinuata
Angelica sylvestris
Angelica uchiyamanae
Angelica ursina

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