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Browse genera: F

Fabiana  (1 species)
Fagara  (1 species)
Fagopyrum  (7 species)
Fagus  (18 species)
Fallopia  (4 species)
Fallugia  (1 species)
Falsonyctopais  (1 species)
Farancia  (2 species)
Farfugium  (3 species)
Farticular  (1 species)
Fatshedera  (1 species)
Faunus  (1 species)
Favonius  (1 species)
Fendlera  (1 species)
Feroniella  (1 species)
Ferula  (21 species)
Festuca  (4 species)
Ficus  (7 species)
Figulus  (1 species)
Filipendula  (8 species)
Fistulina  (1 species)
Fitzroya  (2 species)
Flickingeria  (1 species)
Foeniculum  (4 species)
Fontanesia  (2 species)
Foresteria  (1 species)
Formica  (2 species)
Formosania  (1 species)
Fornasinius  (2 species)
Fortunella  (2 species)
Fothergilla  (3 species)
Fragaria  (25 species)
Francoa  (1 species)
Frangula  (3 species)
Fraxinus  (32 species)
Freesia  (1 species)
Fritillaria  (18 species)
Fruhstorferia  (1 species)
Fruticicola  (1 species)
Fuchsia  (30 species)
Fucus  (1 species)
Furcifer  (1 species)
Furina  (5 species)

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